Fossil Free Laminates - FFLAM

The test bed Fossil Free Laminates, FFLAM, offers the opportunity to effectively combine paper with dispersion-based barrier coating and extrusion of bio-based plastic and pressure in one combined and unique offer.
Fossil-based plastic is the most common material for food packaging today. But there is an increased demand for new environmentally friendly alternatives. Products that are manufactured sustainably and biodegradable in nature.

Food packaging often use laminates with a high functionality with respect to strength, formability, printability and closure. Laminates have barrier properties that protects against e.g. grease, gas and moisture.

The test bed enables development to replace fossil-based plastic and aluminum laminates with bio-based and/or biodegradable alternatives in food packaging. Actors in the packaging value chain can test different types of alternatives in pilot scale.

The test environments are places in three different locations: UMV Coating Systems in Säffle, Brobygrafiska in Sunne and RISE Bioeconomy in Stockholm.

The project is financed by Sweden's innovation agency Vinnova, together with more than twenty project participants. These include researchers, cardboard manufacturers, bioplastic manufacturers, printing companies and brand owners.

Contact Paper Province to learn how you can utilize the test bed for your development. 

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