Cultivating city bazaars

Cultivating city bazaars for a sustainable, employment-creating urban development.

Cultivating city bazaars run innovation for sustainable urban development in Helsingborg, Landskrona and Stockholm. The unique cooperation has been developed by a consortium of cities, associations, academics as well as companies with the ambition of providing new, green workplaces and growing companies. The vision is about sustainable and integral neighborhoods through urban cultivation, which is a strong trend in large cities around the world.


The following companies are particiating in the project:

Raditex.se - program data for controll of nutrition flow in cultivation

Arvalla - system architechture for digital functions

Ecobot.se - automated seed control

Farmboot – digitization of cultivation and seeds

Heliospectra- LED lights for cultivation

Ecotopic – system knowledge within biochar

Svensk Akvaponik – use of biochar and cultivation beds

Spisa - greenhouse technology

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