Welcome to Swedish Testbeds!

On May 31 swedishtestbeds.com was finally launched! This portal has been developed as a strategic project within the Smart Built Environment program as a part of the focus area Innovation Lab.

The aim is to stimulate dialogue between people with ideas or who are running projects within digitalization in the built environment (need owners), and people  with resources, arenas or concepts available for testing, verification and development of new ideas (testbed owners).

The goal is to create overview, dialogue and coordination in order to simplify the road from test and verification to developed concepts, to cross pollinate and enrich the ideas and to secure that relevant testbeds are used to the fullest extent. All these efforts aim to fast-track the commersialization of Swedish innovations.

Testbeds within Smart Built Environment will create and offer arenas for testing and verification of ideas relevant for achieving the long-term effect goals of the program: 40% decrease in environmental impact, 33% decrease in construction time, 33% decrease in construction costs, along with new value chains and business models.

Read more on our FAQ and Terms & Conditions pages about how you can register your testbed.

Welcome to swedishtestbeds.com.