A part of Testbed Sweden

Vinnova is working to strengthen the prospects for testbeds in Sweden. The aim is to inform more businesses and organisations, large and small, of the available environments.

Test and demonstration environments, referred to as testbeds, are becoming increasingly important for the public and private sectors as goods and services are developed at a more rapid pace and they become increasingly complex.

Just recently, the Swedish Government announced that Vinnova will put one billion SEK towards testbeds in the public sector. 

Vinnova has been given responsibility for a national coordinating mechanism to strengthen test and demonstration activities in Sweden. We also want to provide and disseminate information on the hundreds of testbeds available in Sweden and work to ensure that these will also be attractive internationally.

At www.vinnova.se you can find more information about Swedish testbeds, guides and analyses, as well as training courses aimed at testbed owners.

Swedishtestbeds aims to complete and deepen the information that Vinnova provides in order to increase the dissemination and commersialization of innovations within the digitalized built environment field.