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Welcome! There are two ways for you to register, depending on your needs: as a testbed owner or as a testbed seeker.

Testbed owner

This is for everyone who represent a testbed or an organisation that provides with testbeds. With your personal account you can add new testbeds and add important information about the nature and functions of the testbed, and how it can be used by others.  The registration process is simple and you will get an  acceptance notice from our admin people within 24 hours.

Testbed seeker

This is for anyone who is interested in staying updated about certain testbed categories and see when new testbeds are added. As a registered testbed seeker you will also have the possibility to comment and take part in discussions on the different testbed pages.

Voices on swedishtestbeds

Jonas Anund Wogel, KTH Living Lab:

By being part of the testbed portal swedishtestbeds we hope to reach new external stakeholders, but also to enable collaboration with other testbeds. 



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